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AirWave1 starter set - PaperWave

PapeWave starter set - AirWave1 air cushion machine including 3 rolls FSC® (C162510) certified AirWave PaperWave air cushion


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  • M99003140-paper
1x AirWave1 - air cushion machine €799.00
1x Led Lenser €9.90
1x AirWave1 Performance Improvement Kit €129.50
2x AirWave PaperWave Type 7.2 air cushion chain €204.00
1x AirWave PaperWave Typ 8.3 air cushion wrapper €138.50
Total: €1,280.90

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PapeWave starter set - AirWave1 air cushion machine including 3 rolls FSC ® (C162510)... more
  • The starter set includes one AirWave1 air cushion machine with 3 AirWave PaperWave Bio air cushion films

    AirWave1 air cushion machine incl. Performance Improvement Set for smoother run and less machine stops:

    The AirWave1 supplies up to 4 workstations with reliable air cushions - made in Germany. Whether small cushions or wide pads, the AirWave1 is a top performer in all categories.

    • Production of AirWave filler and wrapper films
    • Programmable for 4 film types
    • Lock function
    • Power-save-mode
    • CE, ETL and RoHS approved
    • 9m/min
    • Service drawer incl. spare parts (2 teflon bands, 1 fuse, 1 blade)
    • 230 / 115 Volt power supply
    • Bluetooth control (optional for Android and IOS)
    • Sensors and other accessories are available seperately

    AirWave PaperWave Bio compostable air cushions

    2 x rolls of  7.2 AirWave PaperWave Bio cushion | 1 roll 8.3 AirWave PaperWave Bio wrapper

    • Bio-compostable
    • Paper weight 22g/m²
    • Total thickness 50µ
    • For light to very light goods
    • Perforated for easy separation
    • Made in Germany
  • Video presentation of the AirWave1 machine:


    Duration: 42 sec
    Subtitle: English