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AirBoy nano3 PlantWave starter set

AirBoy nano3 air cushion machine PlantWave starter set incl. 2 home compostable film rolls (filler and wrapper).

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  • D5417200001
1x AirBoy nano3 air cushion machine €199.00
1x Type 9.8.3 PlantWave AirBoy nano3/4 cushion... €102.00
1x Type 9.7.1 PlantWave cushion chain for AirBoy... €69.50
Total: €370.50

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AirBoy nano3 air cushion machine PlantWave starter set incl. 2 home compostable film rolls... more
  • Different types of films and cushion types can be produced on our low-cost AirBoy nano3. Therefore you have the best flexibility for your transport protection, even with low throughput.

    • Start / Stop at the touch of a button
    • Variable timer for the production of air cushions
    • Adjustable sealing temperature
    • Adjustable air volume 
    • Compatible with narrow air cushion filler (type 9.7.1)
    • Compatible with wide air cushion wrapper (type 9.8.3)
    • AirWave Standard and AirWave Bio (home-compostable) cushion film available
    • Including manual, power cable, 2 spare teflon tapes and a spare blade

    Content of the nano3 PlantWave starter set:

    • AirBoy nano3 air cushion machine
    • 1 roll air cushion chain | Type 9.7.1 PlantWave (20µm; home-compostable)
    • 1 roll of air cushion mat | Type 9.8.3 PlantWave (20µm; home-compostable)

    With the individual temperature control, different film materials from FLÖTER can be processed.

  • Chain production: Yes (AirWave type 9.7.1)
    Quilt production: Yes (AirWave type 9.8.3)
    Color: black
    Roll formats stock: 4
    Power consumption: 60 W
    Speed ​​(m/min): 3.5
    Length (mm): 430
    Width (mm): 190
    Height (mm): 195
    Weight (kg): 2.5