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Case studies: FLOETER packaging solutions 

Whether you want to occupy only one packing station or more than 30 different packaging locations - the air cushion systems from FLÖTER can be integrated into all existing packing station stations and expanded at any time. You save costs, time and effort. In detail, this is shown in a few selected case studies.

40% cost savings for a cleaning supply manufacturer

The situation: A leading supplier of detergents and household care products faced a cushioning problem: With only one cushioning material alone, his boxes could not be adequately padded out.

Over 30% material savings for fashion mailings

The Situation: A leading fashion retailer of rapid growth in online commerce. In order to remain flexible while maintaining prosperity, they sought a way to serve as many jobs as possible with as few machines as possible.

45 sqm area savings for pet food suppliers

The situation: Due to the positive business development, a pet food distribution organization was forced to automate its packaging process and at the same time make space requirements more efficient.