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PadFol cushion type 3 (80x160mm)

PadFol cushion type 3 (80x160mm)

for medium-weight goods up to 20 kg

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  • M99001890-3-80160
for medium-weight goods up to 20 kg more
  • Floeter XXL PadFol Cushion is ideal for filling medium and small volumes common in package shipping. Say good-bye to more expensive packaging paper, chips, and other filling materials. With ready-made PadFol Cushion air cushions from Floeter, you are choosing high-quality packaging with a future.

    Available in the designs:

    • Type 1 for heavy goods up to 120 kg or
    • Type 3 for goods up to 20kg

    Available in our BigBox (Volume: 0,75m³).