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AirWave2 starter set - PaperWave Bio

Paper Bio starter set - AirWave2 air cushion machine including 3 rolls of FSC® (C162510) certified AirWave PaperWave Bio air cushions

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  • M99003150-paper
1x AirWave2 - air cushion machine €1,799.00
1x Led Lenser €9.90
1x PaperWave Improvement PTFE distance ring for... €46.00
2x AirWave PaperWave Bio Type 7.2 air cushion chain €204.00
1x AirWave PaperWave Bio Typ 8.3 air cushion wrapper €138.50
Total: €2,197.40

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Paper Bio starter set - AirWave2 air cushion machine including 3 rolls of FSC ® (C162510)... more
  • The starter set includes one AirWave 2 air cushion machine with 2 AirWave AirWave PaperWave Bio air cushion films in standard versions Type 7.1 (filler).

    AirWave2 air cushion machine incl. improvement PTFE distance ring

    The AirWave2 is the latest development resulting from thousands of installed and tested AirWave1 air cushion machines from FLOETER

    • Fast air cushion production (type 7 AirWave filler and type 8 wrapper films)
    • up to 20 m/min
    • Program memory for 5 film types
    • Interactive touch display
    • High-tech sealing unit
    • Quick start-up in under 1 minute
    • Low maintenance
    • Compatible with AirWave1 Sensor and other accessories (available seperately).
    • Weight: about 6,5kg

    AirWave PaperWave Bio - air cushion

    2 x rolls of 7.2 AirWave filler (210mmx150mm) | 1 roll 8.3 AirWave PaperWave Bio wrapper

    • Bio-compostable
    • Paper weight 22g/m²
    • Total thickness 50µ
    • For light to very light goods
    • Perforated for easy separation
    • Made in Germany
  • Video presentation of the AirWave2 machine:


    Duration: 9 Minutes
    Subtitle: English